Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The wrong kind of right

I'd a terrible nightmare last Sunday night. And it was ridiculous and maniac and lousy plot-wise.

In the nightmare, I commuted to my workplace by capsule yang macam dalam cerita Dragonball tu but the shape was a bit longer. So I took a seat and with a blip it looked like I was sitting in a bus. (From capsule to bus -- I told you my nightmare was very crap.)

And suddenly, there was my boss sitting behind me. Out of nowhere. She called my name and asking me about "Impian Indah". I was pretty sure it was one of the company name (our customer) but I couldn't get it. Ingat-ingat lupa pasal the case of that company. So I mumbled.

And she started to tell me off. I could mildly hear the voice and I started to cry. Tak pasti sebab apa. Either it was because I couldn't answer her question or was depressed sebab tak dengar sangat apa dia cakap. Sambil menangis sambil suruh dia ulang apa yang dia cakap. Hahaha.

And the actual reason why I couldn't hear her clearly because I was wearing a helmet. Tiba-tiba je that moment saya pakai helmet hijau. Neon.

Stupid stupid nightmare.

And the last part of the nightmare was I had a bad feeling about my job and the future.

I woke up.

Based on the experience of my previous nightmares, I knew it would be going the opposite in reality. It was just that I didn't knew how big was the impact.

And on the Monday morning, saya dapat email for my appraisal for last year performance. Good Lord! Alhamdulillah it was a good news. Last last year I came from zero. Now, I'm the champion! Thanks to all my Superiors. It was very very hard to impress them. Kerja gila.

Not that I was really happy actually.Because last last year I struggled and worked very hard tapi boss rated KPI saya teruk. So I always used that reason for doing illegal things such as:

1. Guna used papers untuk kepentingan sendiri macam photocopied IC.
2. Ambil air sejuk dari water dispenser untuk minum di rumah. (sebab malas nak masak air kat rumah sendiri.)
3. Curi-curi baca Whatsapp time kerja.
4. Cursed my superiors behind their back for being unfair.
5. Kerap pergi tandas sebab banyak sangat ambil air from the water dispenser. (Well, the theory is the more the input, the more the output.)

And now that all my efforts and struggles have paid off, I can't do all those things anymore.


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