Friday, October 24, 2014

You're so fresh to death and sick as cancer

Assalamualaikum all.

It would be great to be here again. My life was a bit challenging recently as Mak was admitted to hospital but now she's in a good condition. I'm very grateful for everything I've had here in this world. Thanks Lord. I won't ask for more.

Okay, maybe I just want to request one good soul mate just to accompany me through the life.

And a property.

Well, anyway, I was just finished watching 'The Fault in Our Stars.' One of the best movie I assure you. Go on and see it yourself. Based on a novel with the same title, this story was about Hazel who suffered from cancer and was forced to join this social meeting and there she met Gus, and then love happened between them. A little bit of romantic moments here and there (with their 'Okay...okay' thing.) Pergi ke Amsterdam dan berjumpa dengan penulis kegemaran diorang tapi hampa sebab the writer was really a douche-pants.

Bukan cerita gay. It's just that Hazel has a boyish hair cut

Lepas tu saya perasan cerita ni sampai dua jam lebih which I thought was quite long for a teen movie. I was just waiting bila Hazel will die of cancer but then it was a twisted ending. I enjoyed the story much. The movie (and the novel itself I expect) is full with beautiful quotes. Haven't read the novel yet but I already downloaded it to my phone.

And past few weeks ago saya tengok filem yang hampir sama 'Now is Good' lakonan Dakota Fanning sebagai Tessa dan Jeremy Irvine sebagai Adam. Tessa got cancer, being rebel and whatnot and she has her own wishlist to accomplish before she died. The emotional is strong there. Sedih sikit cerita ni. Haha. Kesat-kesat air mata bila tengok bapa Tessa menangis.

Oh, I should mention here the place yang Adam bawa Tessa lepak-lepak tu is very blissful. I'm dying to go there! (sambil tulis dalam wishlist sebelum diri sendiri mati)

Gambar menghadap laut takde pulak -_-"

And I'm addicted with the opening song even though dulu pernah dengar tapi rasa macam tak sedap tapi sekarang tiap kali pergi kerja mesti humming lagu ni.

Hazel and Gus and Tessa and Adam are the examples of great love story with a tragic ending. I wish mine is not even it's actually more likely (but not because of the cancer, of course.)

Love truly hurts.