Sunday, June 30, 2013

When I'm awfully low

I'm feeling like to have a dance partner.

Or in a worse case scenario, a partner-in-crime.

The Way You Look Tonight was originally sung by Frank Sinatra. Michael Buble made a cover of this song but I prefer Tony Bennett's the most.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Good Day, Mate! - Months and Days Before

Okay, so here we're again. Baru nak sambung cerita balik sebab sebelum ni takde inspirasi nak menulis. Ceewah.

So, actually how it was planned? Tetiba je pergi Melbourne. Well, it was Mak's intention of course since she likes travelling. But since then, Mak can't go anyway far from the dialysis centre sebab Mak ada masalah buah pinggang. So everywhere she wants to go is limited.

Early 2012
Akak Besa' (please read this as Besar with an Utara slang and I don't know why she got that name) went back to Malaysia, Mak tanya macam-macam about Australia. Since she looked so eager and keen so my big sister got this idea about bringing Mak to visit her later. Pity her since Ayah is not the type yang suka pergi travelling, so Akak asked me whether I could bring her to Melbourne together.

At first, Akak Besa' asked me to go with Abang Besa' (it sounds like a rap, haha), my elder brother together with his family sebab they all also planned to go to visit Perth, where my nephew studies. They planned to go next year and waited for winter but I insisted to go during spring which  is around October together with Mak alone. With Mak's condition, I'm afraid if anything bad happen. And I don't like winter. Spring would be better since Mak likes flowers so much and I like to eat lots and lots of fruits.

But I think my sister wouldn't trust me that I've to wait for my brother decision. Nasiblah kau, Syahmi. Siapa suruh berperangai macam budak-budak. Dah orang tak percaya dengan keputusan kau. Anyway, I'm get used to it, so let's just wait.

End of 2012
I received a call from Akak Besa' which suddenly she changed her mind and asked me not to wait for Abang Besa' because rasa macam lambat sangat pula.

Sudah kukatakan, Labu...

Anyway, October has passed, so I just checked for next year punya schedule and matched with the Australia's calendar and with the AirAsia ticket promotion. Sikit betul Australia punya public holidays. So the nearest public holiday is the Queen's Birthday in June. Which is winter time. Blergghhh.

So I booked two tickets.

Later, Akak Besa' called me again suggesting that Kak Yong, our eldest sister should join us. She and the other siblings would pay for her expenses - alone. Sebab Kak Yong dah banyak berjasa dengan adik-adik dia sepuluh orang ni so this is the time we treat her. I didn't mind about this but, seriously, alone?

I knew it never can happen! She got her kids. Of course the kids were eager to go too.

Again, they didn't hear me.

Why? Why? Why they hardly listened to me?

Okey, kenapa tiba-tiba penulisan ni berbaur amarah dan lepas geram? Haha

Anyway, back to the story, yes, the kids and the husband were going too - with their own pocket money. I was happy actually because the more the members the merrier this trip would be.

May 2013
I bought this Samsung smart camera just for this vacation. Yes, you can edit the picture right through this camera and it has WiFi and a small front LCD screen for cam-whoring.


I got a student discount for this item. Which I never think I would get a student price because I forgot to shave my goatee and moustache. Oh, okay! Maybe because I was wearing my hipster t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans and that SAG sling bag.

Oh dear, thinking back how cool I was at that time *usap-usap dagu*

My old student life...

Anyway, it will be an anti climax entry since I want to stop writing now. I feel tired and sleepy (and want to dream about my ideal cool student life back). So we'll continue the story later.

Ciao babeh.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Good day, mate! - Epilogue

I love this picture very much. It shows how we're closely bonding together like long lost brothers. Hehe. Details will be updated later. 

I'm going to have a late lunch now. Bye!