Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cooking up with Syahmi

So, we already heard about GST commencing in next year, I started to think about budgetting and cost cutting and these include of my daily meals. I mean I can eat anything that is halal, cheap and mengenyangkan. Sedap atau tak sedap itu belakang kira.

So I came up with this idea of preparing a nasi kosong and a plain soup macam moi or nasi air for the weekends. Based on my experience, having nasi dengan kuah banjir is mudah mengenyangkan.

Well, masak nasi kosong was the easiest part even though saya selalu gagal dapatkan nasi yang betul-betul sedang-sedang lembutnya. The result was either too keras or too lembik. But it's okay this time since I was going to mix it with the plain soup.

Preparing the soup was challengging. I made a tom yam soup using the instant paste that I bought from 99 Speedmarket, nearby my house. And high five to me because I managed to save money. Earlier, I wanted to buy the paste dekat Giant hypermarket but then I hesitated sebab tak sure which ones yang provide the cheaper price. Selalunya Giant's is a bit expensive for normal price. But then I opted for 99 Speedmarket. Hurrah! Memang murah betul. Dekat pula tu dengan rumah.

Okay, so all the ingredients dah ada, then I prepared the dish. Dekat kitchen tu saya perasan the shallots and onions dah nak buruk, so I add to the mixture. And slices of frankfurters. And together with eggs. Well, I never saw people put frankfurters nor eggs in their tom yam until I made mine. Sebab saya takut telur tu pun memburuk kalau dibiarkan lama dalam peti ais.

Jadi lepas siap masak saya campurkan nasi tu dengan kuah tom yam. Kemudian saya rasa.

Good Lord! It was a stupid decision to put the eggs because it tasted like plastic.

I ended up eating Maggie curry that night. Tssk. There goes my idea of budgetting.

To the hell with GST. Sob..sob...

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