Saturday, February 1, 2014

Good Day, Mate! Day 1 (Part 2)

Hi. I'm back again. Tak habis lagi cerita pasal trip to Melbourne in which happened past seven months ago. Hebat sangat dah kalau boleh recall every bits of moment there. Hihi.

 Okay, back to the picture. Akak Besa' and her husband Abang Yin sambut kitorang kat exit departure hall and not to forget their lovely little daughter Sara. She was four last year. She was sad when we met her sebab her cousin already went back to Malaysia. She was a bit resistant to us earlier but lama-lama tu dah okey dah. 

Keluar airport je mulut terus berasap-asap bila bercakap. It's freaking cool after the rain. We shot to my sister's residence by cab tapi dah lupa nama the street which my sister lives. Hehe. I could tell that the scenery along the way tu biasa-biasa je mungkin sebab lalu expressway. Domestic building architecture pun quite similar with the ones in those international home design or property mags. It's just that the weather that made us felt something different. And that's made me missed Malaysia too. The atmosphere there was a bit... erm... how should I put this. Gloomy and slow? Maybe because it was going to be winter.

And because I love to see sun very much. I love the feel of hotness. Even my foreign teacher agreed with me. She's fond of Malaysia because of the weather. The dense of sun ray. And hence she made her decision to move out from Lebanon and works in Malaysia. Ceh, baru berapa minit kat Melbourne dah rindu Malaysia. Aparra.

Akak Besa's home is a townhouse of four floors. Opposite hers is an Australian lady's. On top of hers is Middle Easterner's. The Australian lady was not quite friendly which I believe not all Australians are like that. Mungkin sebab faktor usia. Hehe. Dia andartu. So Abang Yin said they only speak with the Middle Easterners je. Well, only outsiders know outsiders.

The first thing we did when we arrived was having our Australian lunch. Abang Yin cooked  a special curry elephant fish with rice. Well, okay, it was Australian-ish as he said we can't get the fish in Malaysia. The fish texture was like ikan pari. Tulang dia lembut. Other than that, he prepared spicy pasta for us and we ate them for the whole four days. Ulang-ulang panaskan semua makanan tu hehe. Hari kelima baru makan makanan baru. And he said he had to be careful when cooking because of the odours released. Austalians tak suka bau yang kuat. Jadi terpaksa tutup tingkap kalau nak masak asam laksa. 

At 12.00 PM, all the guys prepared for Friday prayer. Here, they arranged a two sessions of Friday prayer - one is at 12.30 PM and another one is at 1.30 PM sebab Australia bukan negara Islam. So they came out with this for flexibility. Usually the lunch hour for working people starts at 1.00 PM, hence, the additional Friday prayer session. The sermon is in Arabic language for the first session whilst English for the second one.

After finishing the prayer, we went back to home and helped the family did the laundry. Masa nak jemur tu jari rasa sejuk sangat sebab pegang baju basah. I thought it was about 13 degree? 

Then we took times looking around the residence. Rumah dekat sana cantik-cantik tapi selalunya satu tingkat. And the best part was I can see Melbourne city just outside from my sister's house as the house is located at hillside. Along the time, every morning I stood there silently and enjoyed this picturesque scenery. Masyaallah cantik sangat. And in the morning also I could see many air hot balloons from the city. Tak faham kenapa pukul 7.00 pagi dah ada orang lepaskan belon panas tu. Hehe.

In the afternoon, we went to Myer and David Jones at Swanstons St. for shopping. Reached there by train and we used the Myki card. Lebih kurang macam Touch N' Go. The train macam KTM punya but the door is manual, you have to pull to open. 

Walaupun pergi bulan enam tapi tetap ada sale, maybe sebab it was the Queen Day. Kat sini saya tak beli barang cuma Abang Yin je mencari iPhone baru sebab abang dia pesan. Dekat sini pukul 5.00 petang dah macam pukul 8.00 malam kat Malaysia bila musim sejuk. Sebab tu kot rasa tak seronok. Macam tak puas sangat nak berjalan waktu siang sebab rasa sekejap sangat. Pukul 9.00 malam banyak kedai dah tutup. So it was not happening let alone it was weekday. Lepas kerja semua nak balik rumah.

Oh, now I remember. There was a fascinating fire display at Southbank, Yarra River near Crown Casino. It was a breath taking performance by...err...  the big pillars. Fire came out from the pillars in rhythm. I wonder if there's a misfortune bird that flied on the pillar and kappishhh... became a grilled bird?

Enjoy this vid!