Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Malang tidak berbau mi rebus

Dulu aku pernah dengar orang cakap perkara malang datang tiga kali berturut-turut.

  1. Aku dapat gastrik start lepas terawih semalam sampai la ke tengah hari tadi. Pedihnya sampai tak boleh nak buat apa-apa kerjapun.
  2. Tetiba aku yang kaki bangku ni boleh pulak rajin menyepak batu kat atas jalan. Batu tu ade la besar bola takraw. Sakitnye pon besar gak.
  3. Aku lupa nak ambik mi rebus yang aku dah bayar masa kat bazaar tadi. Dekat je tapi malas la nak patah balik. Kira sedekah je la kat adik yang jual tu.
  4. Aku takde lab sendiri nak wat final year projek. Adoi! Sakit la aku nak gi sana-sini nanti.

Eh, tu bukan da ade empat ke tu? Tadi cakap ade tiga je.

(Aku memang malang)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Confession of a shopaholics’ friend

Last Friday I had my shopping spree time along with my friends Syafiq, Shu, and Azie at Queensbay Mall. NG would join too but he woke up late. The plan was NG will be the driver but we took the bus instead. We met him there later.

I wanted to buy text book and a present for a friend's upcoming birthday which is next two month. Not to be surprise, I just grabbed the chance as Queensbay has a big sale now.

And it went to be a bad idea. I had bought nothing… at all! Wait, I had a dinner there. At least!

The things for the present that I found in the boutiques are either very good but surely expensive or affordable but unfortunately someone you are familiar with has that thing already.

And I thought myself. "Never mind. Let the others find the better one somewhere else later. Let's go to another task – finding the text book."

Borders, none! Popular, none either! Don't you people know Biology is one of the important courses in universities and barely have I seen any section of Biology there?

Duh! I should just go back to Uniria and try to find it thoroughly… but with a full stomach. The last day I went to Uniria to find the text book, I ended up myself to give up and cannot think about a thing there. Let alone to find the text book. I found myself hard to read each title of the books on the shelves and find the one that I want. I got a stomach ache and I felt my brain was likely to blow out.

Okay... okay. Let the past be forgotten and back to the present story... err. The last two days' to be exact.

So I was lost… lost as I didn't know what to do anymore in this super-macro shopping mall, not that I kind of a child who lost his parents in the middle of the emporium.

Oh, now should I mention that Queensbay Mall, with a gross built up of 2.5 million sq ft, is currently the largest and longest shopping mall in Penang?

And ironically, with its tagline "It's all happening here," I hardly decided what to buy or at least do a thing there. Gosh, I am a boring person! Make sure next time when you go for a shopping, have a Plan B, Chameytto.

Boring does not get along with nasty but I kind of a complex person. Yup, I am half-boring and half-nasty. Though I have no intention to buy clothes, I grabbed up chances to wear expensive Padini shirt and Forest sweater (and it is a bonus if you have take a photo of you with the shirt). You may laugh but for me, a budget savvy, these brands bring the expensive and good titles. Not to mention Billabong, Nike, Converse, and Body Glove which are popular among the Gen Y-ers and the Tweens or for the high fashion peoples, I can say Prada, Gucci, D&C, Armani, and Louis Vuitton.

Well, actually the Padini has discount 50% less which is from MYR89.90, I can buy for MYR44.95 but I hesitated. No doubt, it suits me very much and makes me feel more handsome-ier but I just feel not likely to buy it. This, according to the Marketing principal which I learned early this semester, is a type of consumer behavior. On the next entry I will tell the details but now let's see the result.

Syafiq – two shirts, a tee and a short

Shu – eight shirts for her whole brothers and sisters (yeah she is generous)

Azie – a shirt and a pant

NG – a pair of socks (he wore it just after he paid for) and maybe he buys something at S+J, I guess

Chameytto – nothing but still I had my good dinner at Jusco Food Court. Huurray!

Ironically, the original plan was 'I–shopping–they–accompany–me.'

P/S: Besides wearing the expensive clothes, I also tried some perfumes from World of Perfumes. LOL! The smell lasted longer on my body.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hari jadi yang menggemukkan

Happy 21st birthday to my youngest brother who is currently loosing his mind somewhere in Germany. LOL!

Yeah, I know that I am late because the wish should be on July 31st but now it is 2nd of August. Anyway, I, sarcastically being a super-nanotechnology Homo sapiens, can go back to the past in no time. Now, (with pointed eye brows) where did I put my Columbus2000 time-tunnel machine? The last time I used it was for cheating during the semester exam.

Oh, there you are hiding under my bed!


Uh-oh... is it Germany here?
Oh, (cocking my head) there you are, doing nothing except cooking fried rice with apple and dreaming on 'to whom shall I sell those Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts since my budget-savvy brother rejected them for their cost and originality.'

Oi Gemuk!
Okay. Now make your wish, Mister! (As you wish, LOL! again)

Nah, your birthday cake! Anyway, since when do you have an exotic snake as a pet? (Yep, 'exotic' as I must add here to make it to be more interesting. And let alone the box-faced man there).

Should I get my refund back? (Checking my bill and noticing that it says 'GOODS SOLD ARE NOT REFUNDABLE')


What more can I say? Youngest brother is always the big pain in the ass of a family. (By the way, what exactly a pinata is?)

Define pinata.
Noun: pinata
  1. Plaything consisting of a container filled with toys and candy; suspended from a height for blindfolded children to break with sticks
(Credits to Wordweb)

Then, what you really want now? An alien-theme for a party?

I think I should go back to Malaysia now. *sigh*

(Credits to www.savagechickens.com for the pictures)