Monday, April 20, 2015

Halal speed dating Malaysia

This morning while I was waiting to cross the road to my office, one of my acquaintance suddenly came from behind and ambushed me by asking if  I will be free on 9th May. Ingatkan dia nak jemput house warming rumah yang dia baru beli tapi bukan. Actually, someone organize this halal speed dating. Macam yang buat dekat the west and Korea and Japan where the man and woman introducing each other and changing info about themselves, then lepas lima minit macam tu ke, they change the positions to their side and meet with another person next to them pula. Then sambung lagi introduce each other until both of them berminat untuk proceed to the next level. Dah macam online dating game. Namapun speed dating.

Actually, she and me are in the same league by which we're too busy with our own jobs sampai tak sempat bersosial untuk cari pasangan hidup masing-masing. Kalau berlepak-lepakpun dengan kawan sekerja sendiri atau kawan sekolej. Itupun kawan kolej ramai yang dah berkeluarga. Jadi makin lama, hidup makin sendirian. Pernah this one time we came up with a casual (read: crazy) plan nak suggestkan kepada AJK surau of our office to organize an event for the unmarried staff to meet each other and find the jodoh among them. Okay, we're like that desperate. *tskkk*

And tiba-tiba memang betul-betul ada event macam tu nak buat nanti tapi dekat luarlah. She told me a friend of person yang in charge of the "I want to touch a dog" programme yang  buat. Cannot recall his name at the moment tapi pada masa yang sama malas jugak nak Google nama dia. Haha.

Unfortunately, she can't make it sebab dah ada plan lain on the same day, so she asked me if I'm interested to grab the opportunity, then go Google for details. So baru sekejap tadi saya check tapi macam tak jumpa program tu. Susah hati ni. Hahaha.

Okey, sangat sangat susah hati. *tskkk*

Oh, God!