Monday, April 20, 2015

Halal speed dating Malaysia

This morning while I was waiting to cross the road to my office, one of my acquaintance suddenly came from behind and ambushed me by asking if  I will be free on 9th May. Ingatkan dia nak jemput house warming rumah yang dia baru beli tapi bukan. Actually, someone organize this halal speed dating. Macam yang buat dekat the west and Korea and Japan where the man and woman introducing each other and changing info about themselves, then lepas lima minit macam tu ke, they change the positions to their side and meet with another person next to them pula. Then sambung lagi introduce each other until both of them berminat untuk proceed to the next level. Dah macam online dating game. Namapun speed dating.

Actually, she and me are in the same league by which we're too busy with our own jobs sampai tak sempat bersosial untuk cari pasangan hidup masing-masing. Kalau berlepak-lepakpun dengan kawan sekerja sendiri atau kawan sekolej. Itupun kawan kolej ramai yang dah berkeluarga. Jadi makin lama, hidup makin sendirian. Pernah this one time we came up with a casual (read: crazy) plan nak suggestkan kepada AJK surau of our office to organize an event for the unmarried staff to meet each other and find the jodoh among them. Okay, we're like that desperate. *tskkk*

And tiba-tiba memang betul-betul ada event macam tu nak buat nanti tapi dekat luarlah. She told me a friend of person yang in charge of the "I want to touch a dog" programme yang  buat. Cannot recall his name at the moment tapi pada masa yang sama malas jugak nak Google nama dia. Haha.

Unfortunately, she can't make it sebab dah ada plan lain on the same day, so she asked me if I'm interested to grab the opportunity, then go Google for details. So baru sekejap tadi saya check tapi macam tak jumpa program tu. Susah hati ni. Hahaha.

Okey, sangat sangat susah hati. *tskkk*

Oh, God!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The wrong kind of right

I'd a terrible nightmare last Sunday night. And it was ridiculous and maniac and lousy plot-wise.

In the nightmare, I commuted to my workplace by capsule yang macam dalam cerita Dragonball tu but the shape was a bit longer. So I took a seat and with a blip it looked like I was sitting in a bus. (From capsule to bus -- I told you my nightmare was very crap.)

And suddenly, there was my boss sitting behind me. Out of nowhere. She called my name and asking me about "Impian Indah". I was pretty sure it was one of the company name (our customer) but I couldn't get it. Ingat-ingat lupa pasal the case of that company. So I mumbled.

And she started to tell me off. I could mildly hear the voice and I started to cry. Tak pasti sebab apa. Either it was because I couldn't answer her question or was depressed sebab tak dengar sangat apa dia cakap. Sambil menangis sambil suruh dia ulang apa yang dia cakap. Hahaha.

And the actual reason why I couldn't hear her clearly because I was wearing a helmet. Tiba-tiba je that moment saya pakai helmet hijau. Neon.

Stupid stupid nightmare.

And the last part of the nightmare was I had a bad feeling about my job and the future.

I woke up.

Based on the experience of my previous nightmares, I knew it would be going the opposite in reality. It was just that I didn't knew how big was the impact.

And on the Monday morning, saya dapat email for my appraisal for last year performance. Good Lord! Alhamdulillah it was a good news. Last last year I came from zero. Now, I'm the champion! Thanks to all my Superiors. It was very very hard to impress them. Kerja gila.

Not that I was really happy actually.Because last last year I struggled and worked very hard tapi boss rated KPI saya teruk. So I always used that reason for doing illegal things such as:

1. Guna used papers untuk kepentingan sendiri macam photocopied IC.
2. Ambil air sejuk dari water dispenser untuk minum di rumah. (sebab malas nak masak air kat rumah sendiri.)
3. Curi-curi baca Whatsapp time kerja.
4. Cursed my superiors behind their back for being unfair.
5. Kerap pergi tandas sebab banyak sangat ambil air from the water dispenser. (Well, the theory is the more the input, the more the output.)

And now that all my efforts and struggles have paid off, I can't do all those things anymore.


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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cooking up with Syahmi

So, we already heard about GST commencing in next year, I started to think about budgetting and cost cutting and these include of my daily meals. I mean I can eat anything that is halal, cheap and mengenyangkan. Sedap atau tak sedap itu belakang kira.

So I came up with this idea of preparing a nasi kosong and a plain soup macam moi or nasi air for the weekends. Based on my experience, having nasi dengan kuah banjir is mudah mengenyangkan.

Well, masak nasi kosong was the easiest part even though saya selalu gagal dapatkan nasi yang betul-betul sedang-sedang lembutnya. The result was either too keras or too lembik. But it's okay this time since I was going to mix it with the plain soup.

Preparing the soup was challengging. I made a tom yam soup using the instant paste that I bought from 99 Speedmarket, nearby my house. And high five to me because I managed to save money. Earlier, I wanted to buy the paste dekat Giant hypermarket but then I hesitated sebab tak sure which ones yang provide the cheaper price. Selalunya Giant's is a bit expensive for normal price. But then I opted for 99 Speedmarket. Hurrah! Memang murah betul. Dekat pula tu dengan rumah.

Okay, so all the ingredients dah ada, then I prepared the dish. Dekat kitchen tu saya perasan the shallots and onions dah nak buruk, so I add to the mixture. And slices of frankfurters. And together with eggs. Well, I never saw people put frankfurters nor eggs in their tom yam until I made mine. Sebab saya takut telur tu pun memburuk kalau dibiarkan lama dalam peti ais.

Jadi lepas siap masak saya campurkan nasi tu dengan kuah tom yam. Kemudian saya rasa.

Good Lord! It was a stupid decision to put the eggs because it tasted like plastic.

I ended up eating Maggie curry that night. Tssk. There goes my idea of budgetting.

To the hell with GST. Sob..sob...

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Friday, October 24, 2014

You're so fresh to death and sick as cancer

Assalamualaikum all.

It would be great to be here again. My life was a bit challenging recently as Mak was admitted to hospital but now she's in a good condition. I'm very grateful for everything I've had here in this world. Thanks Lord. I won't ask for more.

Okay, maybe I just want to request one good soul mate just to accompany me through the life.

And a property.

Well, anyway, I was just finished watching 'The Fault in Our Stars.' One of the best movie I assure you. Go on and see it yourself. Based on a novel with the same title, this story was about Hazel who suffered from cancer and was forced to join this social meeting and there she met Gus, and then love happened between them. A little bit of romantic moments here and there (with their 'Okay...okay' thing.) Pergi ke Amsterdam dan berjumpa dengan penulis kegemaran diorang tapi hampa sebab the writer was really a douche-pants.

Bukan cerita gay. It's just that Hazel has a boyish hair cut

Lepas tu saya perasan cerita ni sampai dua jam lebih which I thought was quite long for a teen movie. I was just waiting bila Hazel will die of cancer but then it was a twisted ending. I enjoyed the story much. The movie (and the novel itself I expect) is full with beautiful quotes. Haven't read the novel yet but I already downloaded it to my phone.

And past few weeks ago saya tengok filem yang hampir sama 'Now is Good' lakonan Dakota Fanning sebagai Tessa dan Jeremy Irvine sebagai Adam. Tessa got cancer, being rebel and whatnot and she has her own wishlist to accomplish before she died. The emotional is strong there. Sedih sikit cerita ni. Haha. Kesat-kesat air mata bila tengok bapa Tessa menangis.

Oh, I should mention here the place yang Adam bawa Tessa lepak-lepak tu is very blissful. I'm dying to go there! (sambil tulis dalam wishlist sebelum diri sendiri mati)

Gambar menghadap laut takde pulak -_-"

And I'm addicted with the opening song even though dulu pernah dengar tapi rasa macam tak sedap tapi sekarang tiap kali pergi kerja mesti humming lagu ni.

Hazel and Gus and Tessa and Adam are the examples of great love story with a tragic ending. I wish mine is not even it's actually more likely (but not because of the cancer, of course.)

Love truly hurts.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Make Art Every Day

I'm currently reading 'Evil Plans' by Hugh Macleod of It said here, "Make Art Every Day" and by that he didn't mean paint and literature but skill. Your inner natural skill which you should develop. The potential is already there. You just have to hone it. Make it a profit / benefit to your good self and others.

Come on people, be creative! Unleashed your... urm, whatever in you that you have inside.

So I start with this 'little thingy' which I shall share here when the right time has come. Please pray for my persistence because I get boring really quickly.

Last but not lease, "Inspire and be inspired".

Yours faithfully,
Syahmi Makaroni.    

(Image credits: Hugh Macleod himself)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Please don't do these anymore

1. You look to everyone else for the answers only you can give yourself. – For much of our lives – especially at the beginning – we get told what do, how to think, what looks good, what “success” is, etc.  You don’t have to buy into any of it anymore.  Feel free to peel back the layers.  Think for yourself.  Listen to your Self.  Break the mold.  When you stop doing what everybody else wants you to do and start following your own intuition, you will find exactly what you are looking for.

2. You let others make you feel guilty for living your life. – As long as you’re not hurting anyone else, keep living your life YOUR way.  Sometimes we get lost in trying to live for someone else, trying to meet their expectations, and doing things just to impress them.  Take a moment and think about it.  Are you doing things because you truly believe in them?  Remember your own goals.  Live, do and love so that you are happy, because when it comes down to it, relationships can end in an instant, but you will live with yourself for the rest of your life.

3. You allow toxic people to get the best of you. – You don’t ever have to feel guilty about removing toxic people from your life.  It doesn’t matter whether someone is a relative, romantic interest, colleague, childhood friend or a new acquaintance.  You don’t have to make room for people who cause you pain or make you feel small.  It’s one thing if a person owns up to their behavior and makes an effort to change.  But if a person disregards your feelings, ignores your boundaries and continues to treat you in a harmful way, they need to go.  (Read Toxic People.)

4. You are part of the drama circle. – How would your life be different if you walked away from drama, gossip and verbal defamation?  Let today be the day you speak only about the good you know of other people and encourage others to do the same.  Those that refuse to support you CAN be ignored by you.  It’s as simple as that.  Incredible things happen when you distance yourself from negativity and those who create it.  Don’t get caught up in drama.  Just walk on by.

5. You assign negative intent to other people’s actions. – Another driver cut you off in traffic.  Your friend never texted you back.  Your colleague went to lunch without you.  Everyone can find a reason to be offended on a daily basis.  So what caused you to be offended?  You assigned negative intent to these otherwise innocent actions.  You took it as a personal insult – a slap in the face.  Don’t do this to yourself.  Don’t take things personally.  Don’t assign negative intent to the unintentional actions of others.  Let today be the day you look for the good in everyone you meet.

6. You are too worried that people will steal what you have. – Let this be your wake-up call, especially if you’re an artist, writer, entrepreneur or creative type: There is always more to be gained from sharing knowledge than from hoarding it.  Don’t worry about people stealing your work; worry about the moment they stop.  Be honest, helpful and undeniably good at what you do.  No clever marketing scheme, social media buzzword, or competitor can be a substitute for that, ever.  Whenever people want what you have, regardless of the circumstances, you’re doing it right.

7. You’re trying to compete with everyone else. – If you compete with everyone else, you will become bitter.  If you compete with a previous version of yourself, you will become better.  It’s as simple as that.

8. You have been too much of a taker. – One way to deal with stress and loss is to immerse yourself in doing good for others.  Volunteer.  Get involved in life.  It doesn’t even have to be a big, structured event.  Say a kind word.  Encourage someone nearby.  Pay a visit to someone who is alone.  Get away from your self-preoccupation for a while.  When it comes down to it, there are two types of people in this world.  There are givers and there are takers.  Givers are happy.  Takers are still unhappily wondering what’s in it for them.

9. You focus on popularity over effectiveness. – Seek respect, not attention.  It lasts longer and it’s far more useful in the end.  Do things and build things that make a lasting difference.  And above all, never confuse popularity with effectiveness.  Being popular means you’re liked for a while.  Being effective means you’ve made a difference.

10. You keep cutting corners and taking the easy way out. – Do what is right, not what is easy.  And do the right thing even if no one else will ever know.  Why?  Because YOU will know.

11. You focus on every point in time other than now. – You can’t change yesterday, but you can ruin today by worrying about tomorrow.  Be present.  Tomorrow will reveal itself exactly as it should, just as yesterday already has.

12. You are stuck on your mistakes. – It’s important that we forgive ourselves for making mistakes.  We need to learn from our errors and move forward.  Make a pact with yourself today to not be defined by your past.  Sometimes the greatest thing to come out of all your hard work isn’t what you get for it, but what you learn from it.  A happy, successful life, after all, is not a life absent of problems, but one that’s been able to rise above them.  (Angel and I discuss this in detail in the “Adversity” chapter of 1,000 Little Things Happy, Successful People Do Differently.)

13. You have an “all or nothing” mentality. – There’s no such thing as perfect success, just as there’s no such thing as perfect failure.  This is why labeling things in extremes – all or nothing – success or failure – is an exercise in futility.  What does exist, however, is a continuous series of imperfect moments filled with infinite possibilities and opportunities.  Appreciate the grey area between the extremes – the journey – the experiences.  And above all, never let success get to your head or failure get to your heart.

14. You expect life to always be happy. – The world can be a difficult place.  You may experience suffering, heartbreak and loss.  These circumstances can take a toll on your happiness, but do not lose hope.  Think about the Yin and Yang in Chinese philosophy, which states that opposite forces are often interconnected.  In suffering, you can find great strength, in heartbreak you can find resilience, and in loss you can find a renewed appreciation for life.  Life is always Yin and Yang.  Opposites are interdependent and interconnected.  You can’t completely shield yourself from sadness without also shielding yourself from happiness.

15. You keep thinking about worst-case scenarios. - Sometimes your mind unnecessarily wrestles with events that aren’t even remotely likely.  Your sore throat is life threatening.  Your lost driver’s license fell into the hands of a miscreant looking to steal your identity.  Negativity like this only breeds more negativity.  It’s a happiness riptide.  It will carry you away from shore, and if you don’t swim away it will pull you under.  The bottom line is that you can see the world through a lens of doubt and despair or hope and excitement.  It’s your choice.  Either way, you will someday arrive at the same destination.  The only question is: Do you want to arrive with a frown or a smile?

16. You’re letting loss devour you. – Sometimes you have to work at happiness.  Some hurdles in life are too difficult to clear simply by adopting a positive mindset.  Do you need to forgive someone?  Do you need to let go of a failed relationship?  Do you need to come to terms with the death of a loved one?  Life is full of loss.  But, in a sense, true happiness would not be possible without it.  It helps us appreciate the good times.  It helps us grow.  If you’re struggling to see the light, you’re not alone.  Find someone who understands and talk to them.  Reach out for support.  Don’t let loss devour you.  (Read Second Firsts.)

17. You avoid facing the truth. – The truth does not cease to exist when it is ignored.  You cannot find peace by avoiding things.  You have to feel it to heal it.  Bring your fears and weaknesses front and center and shine a blazing spotlight on them.  Because the only way out is through.  The pain of facing the truth is SO worth it in the long run, I swear.

18. You put off making decisions. – Bad decisions are almost always better than no decisions at all.  Indecisiveness just delays, while bad decisions teach us to yield better ones.  In the end, we most often regret the chances we didn’t take, the relationships we were afraid to have, and the decisions we waited too long to make.

As you know, when we stop doing the wrong things and start doing the right things, life gets easier.  It just makes sense.  So how have you been making your life harder than it has to be?   What can you do today to simplify things?  Leave a comment below and let us know.
Credits: Written by Marc Chernoff of Marc and Angel Hack Life, where this was originally featured. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Amalan Harian Yang Perlu Dijaga Secara Istiqamah:

1. Solat Tahajud di waktu ¾ malam sekurang-kurangnya 2 rakaat & solat sunat Witir sekurang-kurangnya 1 rakaat sebelum masuk waktu Subuh- Tahajjud merupakan jalan orang-orang yang soleh, amalan para Nabi dan Wali-wali Allah yang terdahulu. Jangan ditinggalkan.

2. Selepas Subuh, zikir 300pagi {100x [tasbih,tahmid dan takbir], 100x selawat & 100x istighfar}. Zikir sangat penting kerana semasa kedatangan DAJJAL hanya zikir sebagai sumber makanan dan minuman. Hanya orang yang benar-benar jaga zikir shj mempunyai sumber makanan dan minuman pada waktu itu. Selainnya akan mengikut DAJJAL untuk mendapat makanan dan minuman.

3. Kemudian bacalah surah Yasin- Allah janji segala hajatnya pada hari itu akan dipenuhi.

4. Kemudian selepas 26 min naik matahari, solat sunat Isyraq 4 rakaat- Allah janji akan menolong kamu menyempurnakan segala urusanmu pada hari itu.

5. Kemudian solat sunat Dhuha, boleh dilakukan bermula 20 minit selapas Isyraq (di antara jam 8-12 tghari). Nabi SAW bersabda: “Sesiapa mengerjakan solat Dhuha 2 rakaat, dia tidak tergolong di dalam golongan orang-orang yg lalai dan lupa.” Solat Dhuha juga memudahkan urusan dan memberkati rezeki.

6. Selepas solat Zohor, bacalah surah Ar-Rahman- Nabi SAW bersabda: “Segala sesuatu itu mempunyai mempelai, dan mempelai bagi Al-Quran adalah surah Ar-Rahman.” Surah Ar-Rahman menanam sifat syukur di dalam hati atas nikmat-nikmat Allah dan dengan amalan membaca Surah Ar-Rahman juga sangat baik untuk meningkatkan kecerdasan otak.

7. Selepas solat fardhu Asar, zikir 300 petang, {100x [tasbih,tahmid dan takbir], 100x selawat & 100x istighfar}

8. Kemudian baca Surah An-Naba’ – Nabi SAW bersabda: “ Jika kamu tahu fadhilat dan besarnya pahala membaca surah An-Naba’, maka kamu akan berhenti daripada tugas-tugas kamu, lalu mempelajari surah tersebut dan mendekatkan diri kepada Allah dengan membacanya. Sesungguhnya Allah akan mengampunkan dosa-dosa mereka yang mengamalkan membacanya selain dosa syirik.”

9. Selepas solat Maghrib, solat sunat Auwabin-Allah janji akan memberi keampunan terhadap dosa-dosa melainkan dosa syirik kepadaNya.

10. Kemudian bacalah surah Al-Waqiah-Allah janji sesiapa yang istiqamah mengamalkannya pada setiap malam, kebuluran & kemiskinan tidak akan menemuinya.

11. Selepas Isya’ bacalah surah Al-Mulk-Allah janji akan memelihara daripada azab kubur. Nabi SAW tidak akan tidur selagi tidak membaca surah Al-Mulk dan surah As-Sajdah.

12. Setiap malam bacalah Ayatul Kursi dan “Amanar-Rasul” hingga habis. Sangat-sangat penting untuk melindung diri daripada pengaruh syaitan dan kejahatan

13. Sebelum tidur, solat sunat Taubat dan tidur beradab seperti mana Nabi SAW tunjuk ajar.

14. Setiap malam apabila hendak tidur, Muhasabah diri, pohonlah keampunanmu kpd Allah diatas dosa-dosa dan bagi setiap amalan yang baik, nyatakan kesyukuranmu kepada Allah.

15. Sebelum tidur fikirkan dan renunglah(muqarabah) juga mengenai mati dan peristiwa-peristiwa selepas maut. Muqaraba adalah perlu untuk membentuk sifat Taqwa.

16. Setiap hari bacalah al-Quran (Tilawatul Quran) walaupun hanya satu ‘ain’. Latihan tilawah sangat memberi kesan kepada hati. Hati yang tidak ada al-Quran seumpama hati yang mati. Pembacaan Al-Quran janganlah ditinggalkan. Hak Al-Quran adalh perlu dikatamkan dua kali setiap tahun.

17. Setiap pagi Jumaat bacalah surah Al-Kahfi, kalau tak mampu habiskan seluruh surah, bacalah seberapa banyak yang boleh- Allah janji ‘cahaya’ di hari kiamat dan diampunkannya diantara dua Jumaat. Nabi SAW bersabda: ‘Sesiapa membaca surah Al-Kahfi pada hari Jumaat, maka bersinarlah cahaya drpd bawah kakinya hingga ke langit.’

18. Hendaklah hati & lidah sentiasa sibuk dengan berzikir didalam apa jua kegiatan sama ada berjalan, duduk atau bekerja. Berzikirlah ‘Lailahailallah’ sebagai amalan tetap dan berkekalan.

19. Puasa sunat Isnin & Khamis, juga puasa sunat pada hari-hari yang digalakkan dalam Islam. Untuk puasa-puasa sunat, mintalah keizinan daripada suami-suami kamu.

20. Cubalah sedaya-upaya berada dalam keadaan berwuduk

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