Friday, November 22, 2013

You do, don't you?

This evening, one of my best 'ah so' friend and I went to a book fair at Cheras where they sell books as lowest as MYR3. And this was my second visit after I went there last night, accidentally, while looking for new washing machine.

My now ex-housemate took back his washing machine. Sob...sob...

Anyway, my friend and I share the same niche which is we're crazy for books, and by that I mean cheap books like this fair - but we admit, it's hard to manage to read them all in a year or two. In practical, we're like building sebuah kutub khanah like what my eldest sister said (or in worse case scenario *mine* in plastic bags under the bed.) and God knows what to expect for people like me.

The passion is more on the spirit of buying the books themselves rather than to read them. And knowing it, I just set my date for another book fair which will happen next two weeks. Cli-max!

Anyway, saya berjaya mengawal nafsu saya malam ni (don't ever think out of the box.) Saya beli tiga buah buku saja and all of them are non-fictional. Alhamdulillah , I'm blessed. Haha.

My friend bought more than 10. Crap!

God will bless her.

After making her payment, I volunteered myself to carry her things. Gentleman as I proclaimed myself, very deep down in my heart.

She said, "you don't mind?"

So I said "Yes -"

"Yes, you mind." She joked and I laughed and made a poker face because I was thinking back so hard about my answer.


Practically, it's impossible for you to make a poker face while laughing. You will end up be weird like Hitler's moustache.

The first issue I want to raise here is her full question should be: "You don't mind, do you?"

Which will easily help me to answer the question:
"Yes, I do mind."
"Yes, I don't mind."
"No, I do mind."
"No, I don't mind."

Actually no.

Clueless people like me have this disability of answering such type of question. I may come up with four different answers for this. I mean you won't know whether the yes or no is the answer for which questions - the do or the don't. So that has made me ponder a lot while at the same time having this weird nonsense face.

I hate such question.

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Funny Run Marathon

Which is supposed to be a MyCAT Fun Run Marathon... For the fun *size* people like me. Hahaha...

I only managed to join it halfway as I merely reached the point at 8.35 am. I thought it was very near to Bukit Jalil Stadium but no. I've walked for more than 3 km, following the 'trail' of the 10 km runners. While I was searching for the starting point blindly, someone called me "woi!"

and it was my colleague. "Jom lah lari... Lari je! Mana baju awak?!"

"Kak, how long have you been running?"

"About seven minutes. Cepatlah bukak baju awak... Tukar."

Gila nak tukar baju kat tengah-tengah track. Oh, forgot to tell you. I wasn't wearing the official t-shirt for the marathon sebab kalau lambat sampai tak malu sangat kan. Hahaha...

"Dah berapa jauh berlari ni?"

"One km... and half"

What??? Seven minutes for one km and half. And that's halfway already. The Fun Run Marathon track is only three km. Sekejap betul.

Anyway, I followed my colleague and we ran and ran for about four minutes, then I stopped. Sebab penat haha...

She ran before me, leaving me hopelessly. I could see her from far before she lost from my sight. God, I couldn't believe that she dare to leave me.

I hurted my toes because I wore smaller-sized trainers. If I kept wearing this shoes for running, I'm pretty sure the old Chinese ladies during the great dynasty would be jealous of me.

Anyhow, I managed to find the ending point but tak berani nak masuk the line sebab I didn't wear the official shirt for the marathon. So I used the alternative track, just good enough to see the ending point.

And I saw that all the participants yang finished the marathon got a big pack of Tiger Biskut Susu.

Biskut Susu sedap tapi nak minta malu walaupun sebagai peserta, ada hak nak minta Biskut Susu tu. Tapi sebab malu nak buat camne kan. Haha.

Okay, that's all for now. I know my ending is a total crap. Hahaha. I'm going to Astro Gempak now.


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