Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm flipped, enough said

Ever heard people say "there are always two sides of a story?" Jadi begitulah sepertinya cerita ini. Cehcehceh.

Little Juli played by the cute, Morgan Lily

Flipped is among the best movies I've ever watched. This 2010 movie is based from a novel by Wendelin Van Draanen with the same title. Okay, so I watched an outdated movie. I'm degraded.

The film version vs. the novel version

It's about a couple of teenagers who lived opposite to each other and the girl, Julianna 'Juli' Baker who liked the boy, Bryce Loski since he moved in to the neighborhood but unfortunately was rejected because he thought that Juli was annoying and weird. *gasping*
 See Bryce's face?

Juli still didn't give up at school.
Juli said Bryce's hair smelled like watermelon *Oh, Lord!*

And even at home.

Poor Juli, Bryce didn't liked her eggs

However, as the story progressed, Bryce started to show interest in Juli after he read an article about her.
So now Bryce knew how amazing Juli Baker is

 He regretted of what he had done and soon he started to develop a feeling towards her.

Be alert, Juli! Bryce is stalking you

Nevertheless, Juli, began to hate him for many reasons.  He left her when the authorities wanted to cut down the big tree. He threw away the eggs she gave. And he made fun of her mentally-challenged Uncle Daniel.

She neglected Bryce who's standing behind. That serve you right, Mr. Loski!

So he began to love her, while she started to hate him. Through the story, he told us his point of view for about five minutes then Juli did the same thing and then again both of them did it continuously. It's flipped! Hate-love. Love-hate. Bryce-Juli. Juli-Bryce.

I won't tell you what's happened during the climax but the picture below is a still of the end of the story.

Oh, that's so sweet, honey

I love happy ending.


Pictures courtesy of Netkushi.com

Sunday, December 18, 2011


I've lost my appetite since last Thursday night due to fever and flu. Even tonight's dinner hardly made my day.

I tried to sleep but fail. So now I decorate my house again.
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Sunday, December 11, 2011


awAx !
maAf aN syEa cbUb bUad awAx cmtwOe !
syEa btOl~2 cyUnk aN awAx !
hMm .,...
syEa cyUnk aN awAx !
syEa taNa adEa rhCie lAm hbGn tiTea ...
maAf aN syEa yEw wAx !
slUe emG syEa tA p'Cyea aN awAx !
Tpy skUnk dA p'Cyea ..
awAx dA BUKTIKAN yG awAx btOl~2 cyUnk aN syEa !
tEnz yEw wAx !
syEa amAt m'harGai etwOe . :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

My voice (blog) must be important

It could be that even the CEO of my job place reads my blog. He knew that I was afraid crossing the old tag scanner so he asked the company to change it.

He READS my blog. It must be!
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